Generate high concentration of hypochlorous continuously by electrolysis of electrolyte such as diluted hydrochloric acid or salt+hydrochloric acid in w/o diaphragm electrolyzer, then, generated chlorine(Cl2) at anode and dissolve chlorine (Cl2) in water. Dilute it into the feed water for generating available chlorine 10 - 80 ppm of hypochlorite.

Weak Acidic Hypochlorite


Major Ingredient

Hypochlorite (HOCl), pH : 5.0-6.5,

available chlorine  :  10~80ppm

Bactericidal activity

Quickly sterilization(99.9%) of bacteria, virus,

pathogenic bacteria and fungi and deodorization.


Permitted food additive manufacturing by KFDA, harmless/non-toxic/non-stimulated. Safety for food/food materials, bio-safety, ensuring decomposition when discharge


Low cost of chemicals(electrolytes), weak hypochlorite

can able to disinfect of all.


 Food Company / food service operation

Disinfection for hand and shoes

 Food stuff(vegetable, fruits, fish and meat)

 Disinfection for tableware and equipment

 Disinfection for floor and toilet


 Sterilizing for hand and medical instruments

 Air disinfection

 Body disinfection


 Eco-friendly agriculture(substitute agriculture chemical)

 Disinfection for vegetable and fruit)

 Disinfection for seed


 Disinfection in barn

 Foot and mouth disease, pig cholera, prevention of bird flu.

 Disinfection for various fishes

Bactericidal Activity

Weak acidic electrolyzed water are pH 5-6.5, no fear chlorine gas, very excellent bactericidal effect and safety due to contain the highest volume of hypochlorite(HOCl) which is bactericidal activity of based-hypochlorite, therefore, it's bactericidal activity is 80 times higher than sodium hypochlorite

• Available chlorine : 10ppm, Treated time : 1 minute, pH : 6.0,
  Temperature : 20℃

※ Bactericidal effect on major 


※ Compare bactericidal activity
   due to pH changes

Types and Specifications

※ The above specifications are subject to change without notice, and pH(5.0-6.5) and concentration(10-80ppm) are possible to adjust by electrolytic.

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