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E-mail : namdcho@siontech.com

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Samrt Deionizer

The principle of deionization technology is when electricity is applied to the electrode, ions of opposite charge pass through the ion exchange membrane and move to the surface of the electrode and are electrically adsorbed.


Smart Electrolyzer

Generate high concentration of hypochlorous continuously by electrolysis of electrolyte such as diluted hydrochloric acid or salt+hydrochloric acid in w/o diaphragm electrolyzer, then, generated chlorine(Cl2) at anode and dissolve chlorine (Cl2) in water. Dilute it into the feed water for generating available chlorine 10 - 80 ppm of hypochlorite.



Company Name : Siontech co., Ltd.

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167-2, Techno 2-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea

E-mail : namdcho@siontech.com

Major Products :

Electrolyzed Sterilizing Water Generator(SES),

Capacitive Deionization Water Purifier/Softener